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We believe that it is our duty to ensure that we preserve and protect the natural and cultural resources on this fragile planet that we all share. We also strive to maintain healthy, safe, and secure working environments for the people we employ. We do this by enforcing our specifically designed Environmental Policy, which exceeds all applicable environmental and regulatory standards. By exercising sound stewardship practices, we help to secure a viable future for everyone. We do so because it is consistent with our corporate values and because it simply makes good business sense.


We consider our most critical and overarching policy to be the Campbell Code of Ethics & Business Conduct. The company and all its subsidiaries recognizes that good corporate governance is vital and necessary for the sustainable growth of the company and managing its and the client’s reputation.

The Code applies at all vertical levels within the organization—from the Board of Directors, to the management, and to every seafarer on board the vessel—and encompasses our core values.

The purpose of the Code is to uphold the highest level of business ethics and personal integrity in all types of transactions, at sea and ashore. The Code serves to emphasize the following;

In addition, the following key policies further govern how we work at Campbell Shipping: