George T. R. Campbell

His Legacy Lives On…

George T R Campbell was a naval architectural genius and a brilliant visionary. He is certainly heralded as one of the most esteemed names in the history of vessel design to date.

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Campbell comprises a group of companies specializing in various aspects of ocean transportation. Working with our collective strengths and effectively coordinating among our business units, we create and deliver business solutions in the industry. Our objective is to be recognized as a group that provides exceptional service to the clients we serve. We distinguish ourselves by the value we bring to our clients, which comes from our ability to leverage our greatest asset, which is our people.


Our ability to provide value to our clients depends on the united efforts of all our people and by creating business performance visibility through a lens of transparency. Working together, we live by our core values, which are safety, integrity, accountability, commitment, excellence, and teamwork.


Our collective efforts, like components of an engine, are strategically combined to generate our business horsepower. This horsepower has, at its roots, talented human capital in every sector of our business who believe and work every day to live by our core values. Our business is underpinned by sound commercial acumen and excellent operating and maintenance standards and is supported by a state-of-the-art information technology platform that provides appropriate intelligence for the business to make sound decisions. We execute our daily activities with a keen and thorough understanding of risk and seek to manage risk effectively.


Shoreside Employees


Seaside Crew


We believe that the seafarers working for Campbell Shipping are happy to be a part of this family and we are continually searching for talented people both seaside and shoreside.

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