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The Campbell Fleet – Built For Safety

Our ships are essential to our operations. As such, all of our vessels are built in accordance with the highest safety standards to ensure maximum efficiency and security. We also perform routine maintenance checks on our vessels to ensure minimal downtime. Campbell Shipping is committed to the continuing growth and renewal of our fleet. For this reason, we follow a strict policy of managing only modern fleets and new buildings to ensure the uncompromised quality of our facilities from the ship building stage and beyond. The Campbell fleet of handymax self loading bulk carriers are high spec vessels. The history behind their ingenious design is founded on the legacy upon which this company was built. These vessels are fully equipped with cranes designed to handle the efficient loading and discharging of a wide range of dry bulk cargoes such as iron ore, grain, steel, coal and fertilizers. Because of their unique design our fleet is able to trade to some of the most remote ports.



We Operate High Calibre Vessels

At Campbell, compromising safety is never an option. Crew safety will always be a top priority for us and our valuable teams onboard who spend long periods of time away from home are always foremost in our minds.  Fleet age profile is also a significant part of our company mission, vision and philosophy. We adopt a proactive strategy by keeping our fleet running at optimal performance and service delivery to our many stakeholders. Our 28,000-57,000 mt dwt bulk carriers are fully equipped with the latest technology. Ship’s speed and fuel performance are stringently monitored on a daily basis by both our crew and our onshore specialists who make sure that we deliver on time every time.