Technical Management

Organisation Strength

Campbell has its offices in Nassau (Head Office), Mumbai, and Myanmar, which offer quality technical management services. We operate and manage a modern fleet of bulk carriers and passenger cruise vessels. Our biggest strengths are as follows:

  • Having a footprint in three offices spread across the globe, which enables us to quickly and efficiently mobilize personnel to attend vessels anywhere.
  • Dynamic and detailed reporting—our reporting system is cloud-based and customized to meet our clients’ requirements.
  • Campbell is a certified ISO 9001 and 14001, and SQE organization.
  • Our fleet has optimum RightShip ratings across the industry.
  • Campbell has been certified with QUALSHIP 21 for the fleet for the past 5 years.
  • We were recognized by IMO for carrying out a major rescue operation, saving over 500 lives.
Management Services offered
  • Campbell can provide customized solutions for third-party owners by offering turnkey solutions from chartering, operations, technical, purchasing, and manning or any combinations of services that you may need.
Campbell – Advantages
  • We offer cost-competitive technical management by having access to economies of scale through Marcas purchasing membership.
  • Having a footprint spread across the globe, we truly offer 24/7 service to our clients.
  • Clients are provided with comprehensive and detailed reports on a cloud-based platform.
  • We ensure that the condition of the asset is maintained. Clients can also have the same level of access to our online systems.
  • We offer a competitive management fee that includes stable and cost-effective operations.
  • Speed and fuel consumption of the vessels are continuously monitored by applying voyage planning, execution, and monitoring tools.

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