Our management philosophy is centered on people, those we employ and those we serve. We believe that meeting and exceeding the needs of people is a key component to our success.

Employees ‐ We value our employees by respecting each individual, treating them fairly and providing them with opportunities to ensure their professional growth and development; while at the same time creating a work environment that enables them to effectively manage their personal and family life. It is this commitment to our employees that is the foundation for our “ONE TEAM CAMPBELL” environment.

Customers – We are committed to excellence in the delivery of services to our customers. This is accomplished through understanding the needs our customers, adhering to high ethical standards along with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of risk associated within the environment that we operate in.

We therefore through our day to day actions ensure that we give meaning to our slogan: “SAFETY OUR PRIORITY – EXCELLENCE OUR COMMITMENT.”

Core Values

Core values are the foundation of Campbell providing clarity, alignment of what is important to us and influence overall behavior in the organization. These values shape organizational culture and inspire us to take actions thereby contributing to the overall success of the organization. They are core of who we are and what we believe.

Safety – We are committed to the health, safety and security of our employees and customers. We adhere to a rigorous Safety Management System to ensure that our practices and procedures minimize potential risks. We set standards and targets for improvements and engage in a continuous improvement exercise.

Integrity – We do what is right, no matter what. We act as a positive role model for the people around us. We speak up against inappropriate actions and behaviors. We always do what we know is right, even when under significant pressure. We tell our customers the truth, stand by our word and take responsibility for our actions. We compete fairly. We ensure the accuracy and completeness of our financial reports and accounting records. All concerns are aired constructively, with solutions offered.

Accountability – We take responsibility for our actions and deliver what is agreed. We take full ownership for our actions and their outcomes. We have the courage to make bold decisions. We do what we say we will do – people can trust us to deliver. We will always do what we’ve committed to do. We use electronic communications responsibly.

Commitment – We are dedicated to great service and other initiatives that impact the lives within and outside the organization. We make meaningful commitments first to each other and then those with whom we work, live and serve. We are global citizens and responsible members of our communities who are dedicated to safety, care for our environment and managing our business ethically.

Excellence – We deliver what we promise and add value that goes beyond what is expected. We pursue excellence in all we do; good is never good enough. We deliver what we promise to our stakeholders, and add value beyond what is expected. We set and achieve ambitious goals. We accept nothing but the best quality in our services. We focus on delivering the highest value to our customers always with a sense of urgency. We select, place and evaluate employees based on their qualifications and performance. We establish a work environment that supports excellence.

Teamwork – We respect and value people with different opinions, experiences and backgrounds. We are a team sharing our unique talents to help those with whom we work, live and serve. We help each other succeed through our discipline, consistent execution and passion to win.