Our History

Who we are is Anchored In our Past

A Ship Is Built

Our company originated with Scottish naval architect George Campbell’s decision to design and mass produce one of the most ingenious series of ships ever built. Campbell branded his new design the “Freedom Series” of vessels and after settling in Japan in 1950 he set up manufacturing offices there. With the virtual ease of mass production, he and his business partners were able to substantially lower per-unit building costs. This feat resulted in these ships becoming some of the most sought after and affordable ships of their kind ever built.

A Ship At Dock

Campbell Shipping was founded by Mr. George T. Campbell and was originally domiciled in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada where he learned and mastered his skill in ship building and repair. After settling in Japan, Campbell’s “Freedom Series” design vessels attained rapid success,   opening the doors for mass expansion of his business. He quickly established ties with Ishikawajima Heavy Metal Industries (IHI) and together these two giants ushered Japan’s ship building industry into an unprecedented era of world dominance as ship builders worldwide clamoured to buy licenses for his design in the construction of their vessels.

A Ship At Sail

In the 1960’s, Campbell visited the Bahamas on vacation. He eventually decided to develop an investment arm of his business here, diversifying some of his financial portfolio into ship ownership. By the late 1960’s he opened an office in Nassau, Bahamas and named his company Dockendale Shipping Company Limited after the family farm where he spent his youth. The location proved to be perfect as Bahamians embraced the opportunity to grow and develop skills in a new industry and the business expanded. Dockendale Shipping, a technical management company, was charged with the responsibility of technical management of ships.  In 2006 Dockendale Shipping was sold and the newly formed Campbell Shipping Company Limited resumed the technical management function of the vessels. Today the Campbell leadership team is comprised of an ethnically diverse group of skilled and qualified team members whose focus is to chart the company to future unprecedented success.

A Clear Future On The Horizon

Today the Campbell name is quickly gaining recognition as a rapidly expanding company. Our increasing success is directly attributed to the company’s philosophy of building better lives for the people we employ. Although we are in the business of moving cargo, we never forget our commitment to our team members. Steered by sound leadership and supported by committed team members, this company remains committed to the vision and values of the man who started it all so many years ago. Our undying passion is to make Campbell Shipping a household name in the industry and we are well on our way to achieving this goal.