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Campbell Shipping continues with renewal of US – Qualship 21 designation

Mr. Warren Armbrister, HSEQ-Risk Manager/CSO, is extremely pleased to advise the renewals notice of fleet vessels into the US – QUALSHIP 21 program. It is stated that less than ten percent of all [non-US flagged] ships that operate in the [US] meet the eligibility requirements of this program, putting Campbell Shipping Co. Ltd. qualified vessels in an elite class. Campbell Shipping Co. Ltd. and vessels from its Fleet have been a part of the QUALSHIP 21 program since 2013.

Coast Guard implemented QUALSHIP 21 program has an initiative to identify high-quality ships, and provide incentives to encourage quality operations. This program to reward those companies, operators, and vessels that demonstrate the highest commitment to quality and safety through the highest level of compliance with International standards and United States law and regulation. These ships have been acknowledged as well-run and will subject to limited (Less Targeted) port State control inspections in the US during their Qualship 21 certification period (3 Years); less inspections means the  possibility of unnecessary delays and better commercial opportunities

Congratulations to  Masters, Officers and crews of the QUALSHIP 21 eligible ships, on achieving their awards.

The company will also strive to qualify the enrolled vessels under the E-Zero program.  Beginning July 1st, 2017, vessels enrolled in the QUALSHIP 21 program may also seek the E-Zero designation if they meet the requirements. The E-Zero program is a new addition to the existing QUALSHIP 21 program, and the intent of this program is to recognize those exemplary vessels that have consistently adhered to environmental compliance, while also demonstrating an immense commitment to environmental stewardship. These vessels will receive the E-Zero designation on their QUALSHIP 21 certificate…. read more

Campbell Shipping and StormGeo

Campbell Shipping – Enters into contract with StormGeo The company has enhanced its capability for energy efficiency and voyage cost savings with optimized routing, speed and fuel consumption analysis… read more

Campbell Shipping Hires ISS for Husbandry Services

The Bahamas-based Campbell Shipping has entered into a global husbandry representation contract with Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS) 

Under the deal, ISS will handle some 300 port calls per annum and provide a range of services including fully managed crew changes, visa and documentation management, transfer to vessel, Cash to Master, spare parts consignment delivery co-ordination and other husbandry requirements to the company. … read more

Campbell successfully undertakes Largest rescue operations in Mediterranean Sea

Commercial ships called on to rescue at-sea migrants in distress

ISTANBUL — Capt. Joshua Peris Bhatt and his crew left Latvia one morning last fall aboard a dry bulk carrier hauling 27,000 metric tons of barley. Destined for Qatar, the ship sailed into the Mediterranean Sea, making it just beyond Italy when it was suddenly told to change course … read more

Commercial vessels are saving migrants as they try to cross the Mediterranean. One story shows how risky that is

LONDON – In October last year, bulk carrier CS Caprice was shipping a cargo of barley across the Mediterranean when it answered a call to help about 500 people who were drifting north of Libya without a skipper. A brewing storm threatened to capsize their tiny fishing boat

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U.S. Embassy presents AMVER awards to Campbell Shipping Company

On Wednesday, February 17th, Lieutenant Commander Tom Gill, the U.S. Embassy’s Coast Guard Liaison Officer to The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands, officially recognized award-winning Bahamian flagged vessels under Campbell’s Shipping Company for their strong participation during 2014 in the United States Coast Guard’s (USCG) Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue (AMVER) system. The brief awards presentation was held at Campbell’s Shipping headquarters in Nassau. … read more

Campbell Shipping receives International Safety at sea awards

Campbell Shipping has taken a proactive approach to training its sea staff about the realities of piracy by preparing a 29-minute video that uses footage taken on one of its vessels as it prepared to enter the High Risk Area and of the security measures taken during transit. The video demonstrates how BMP4 recommendations are achieved in practice. It includes a risk assessment being carried out, followed by a review of the ship security plan by the master and ship security officer, comments from the master before entering the HRA on the likely threat and from a crew member on crew morale at that stage, plus comments from a cadet and the chief officer on their experiences of the preparation and transit. … read more

People First/ Safety First – Campbell Shipping features in Safety at Sea case Study

In a young company like Campbell Shipping, success is achieved by investing in training, encouraging staff participation and using Safety at Sea to ensure best practice on board. … read more