Dry Cargo Freight


Campbell Bulk is the commercial arm of an esteemed ownership company with a modern view that offers flexible freight solutions. Dry-cargo freight trading is all about customer relations, offering competitive pricing, and maintaining business focus. To overcome the challenges of the ever-evolving freight and commodity markets today, it is imperative that special attention to timing and skilled staff is prioritized. At Campbell, we are committed to being an independent, experienced, and highly motivated carrier that provides flexible freight solutions to traders and industrial customers at market levels.

We are opportunistic and flexible with a dedicated focus on the spot as well as future market. We strongly believe in providing value-added services to our clients through our responsiveness, reliability, and strong insights on the current market conditions. Preserving our good reputation in the market is of great importance, and we strive to repeat business through lasting customer relationships.

We pride ourselves on our enthusiasm and dedication towards competitive freight trading. With our offices in Nassau, Mumbai, and Singapore, we have a geographical advantage, which affords us local as well as regional market knowledge and a global overview. We understand the dynamics of commodity trading and strive to fulfill our customers’ requirements by providing fast-track freight evaluation, analytics, and data on commercial and operational matters from our extensive library.

Our handling expertise extends to a broad spectrum of cargoes, including grain, alumina, coal, scrap, and petcoke. Our contracts are tailored to suit our customers’ requirements, paying close attention to flexibility and communication to forge long-lasting relationships. At Campbell, we believe in a friendly, cooperative dialogue with customers, suppliers, brokers, other business partners, and stakeholders. Our well-structured and compact setup gives us the advantage of making quick decisions in dynamic markets whilst being risk conscious and competitive.

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