Crew Management

In  line  with  the  company’s  philosophy  of  being  employee  driven,  Campbell  considers  the contribution of its people very significant. It is therefore that development and retention of talent both ashore and at sea is one of the key objectives.

For any shipping company the real RISK lies on the ship and on the high seas, the company full understand this and hence it has placed strategic endeavor to manage this risk by undertaking  manning within organization itself as opposed to a 3rd party manning agency.   The vessels manning always exceed safe manning stipulated by Flag state.   The company office in Mumbai is responsible for the vetting of the sea going employees. The senior officers are further screened by the Technical team to verify their suitability for joining Campbell vessels.  The manning office ensures quality and consistency in their screening by managing the whole process.

The Company is able to provide the following services related to Crew Management:

  • Providing Quality officers and Crew meeting the STCW / MLC requirements
  • Management framework for Training and Development of Human Capital

“I wanted to thank you and your crew again for the hospitality and willingness to resolve this issue without delay. You have a very knowledgeable crew and it was a pleasure working with all of you.” The US Coast Guard

We believe that seafarers working for Campbell Shipping are happy to be a part of this organization. We continue to attract and retain talented Human Capital, both ashore and at sea. At Campbell Shipping we carefully evaluate and screen potential crew members using best HR practices. Our recruitment and appraisal processes help us to employ the best seafarers and retain them in the company. Our remuneration package and company benefits rank amongst the best in the industry. This combined with the general sense of belonging promoted amongst our team members and exceptional working conditions help us to realize our goals of high crew retention rates and continuity of service.

We are committed to the professional and personal development of our people, valuing them enough to ensure that they are properly trained and equipped with the right tools to function in their roles. We ensure that our teams’ achievements are highly compensated and adequately rewarded. Campbell Shipping Company has entrusted the accomplishment of these goals to the manning office in Mumbai. This team undertakes the full responsibility of all crew management, from recruitment, manning and training of all officers and ratings.

For enquiries on these services, please write to VP Human Capital Capt. Anindya A. Dasgupta at

If you are a seafarer and are looking for a promising career with a rapidly growing company? Then take the obvious step. Apply Now and our office will contact you soon.


As a Company Campbell Shipping is always looking to take up new Challenges in the Maritime sphere. With the geographical advantage of being present in the Bahamas, India and Myanmar, Campbell Shipping is in an advantageous position to provide quality seafarers onboard Cruise Ships. Campbell Shipping understands the requirements of the Cruise industry and has adapted its operations accordingly. Campbell Shipping ensures that the Cruise Industry is benefitted with its experience in Recruitment and Training and uses its expertise in ensuring that quality seafarers are employed for their clients.

Campbell has partnered with “Cruise Management International”, to provide officers and crew onboard their Cruise ships. “Cruise Management International”, is a reputed company which manages specialized expedition cruise ships.

For enquiries on Cruise manning services, please write to VP Human Capital Capt. Anindya A. Dasgupta at

If you are a seafarer and are looking for a promising career with a rapidly growing company? Then take the obvious step. Apply Now and our office will contact you soon.